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Friday, 20 March 2009

Word 2007 Section Breaks:

I've been using Office 2007 and namely Word 2007 for a few years now and I think that the ribbonised menus are a great step forward. However, I periodically need to use a tool I haven’t used for a while that I used in previous iterations of Word and I always struggle to find it.

One of these situations occurred the other day when I wanted to insert section breaks into my pages to enable me to have different headers for different sections.

Logically you’d think section breaks would be available in the ‘Insert’ menu, unfortunately you can only insert ‘Page Breaks’ from the 'Page Layout' menu.

The solution is:
1) Go to the ‘Page Layout’ tab
2) Look for the ‘Page Setup’ section.
3) Within the ‘Page Setup’ section there is a drop down list for Breaks.
4) Click the Breaks drop down and a multitude of Page and Section breaks are available.
5) A ‘Next Page’ Section Break is the 4th option down.

I hope this helps anyone in the same predicament as me!


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