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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Boxing Day Dip:

I hope everyone is still enjoying their Christmas. On Boxing Day (26th December) my family and I took our annual trip to Marske beach for the Boxing Day Dip, so I thought I'd take a break from all the Christmas stuff to briefly share my experience of it. The Boxing Day Dip, or “The Dip” as my family call it, is a charity event where people, sometimes in fancy dress, swim in the sea on Boxing Day. There are many of such events held all around the country, with thousands and possibly millions raised for charity each year. The biggest dip in the country is organised by the Lions Club of Sunderland, with thousands in attendance.

This year The Dip at Marske was attended by hundreds of participants and spectators, which is quite impressive, especially for a small town with a much larger competing event just a few miles down the road in Redcar. Just before the claxon sounded, signalling for the participants to take the dip, the bonfire was lit to warm everyone involved, which was welcomed by all especially because of the freezing conditions with snow still on the ground, as you may be able to see from the photos.

The participants took the dip, probably slightly quicker than usual, although I did overhear one guy claiming that the sea was “warmer than usual” which I find quite hard to believe! Whilst taking my photos I noticed this dead fish on the beach. I’m not sure what type of fish it is, so hopefully someone will be able to enlighten me. If you have a Boxing Day Dip nearby I’d encourage you to incorporate it into your Christmas traditions, because it does really help you to recover from the exertions of the previous day.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Google's Christmas gift:

This Christmas Google has given a gift to someone very special..... Everyone! Google have achieved this amazing feat, which previously only Santa was capable of, by committing £12.4 Million ($20 Million) to charity.

On the web page created to promote the gift, Google state that "Our gift to you is a gift to them". The page also provides a current list of intended recipients which includes 25 charities ranging from CARE, Mothers Matter to HEAL Africa.

Hopefully, the donations will provide some relief for the charities involved, who along with all charitable organisations are currently experiencing a tough time at the hands of the global economic recession.

A study earlier this year by the Charity Commission, the regulator for charities in England and Wales, found that 52% of the charities questioned said they had been affected by the economic downturn - up from 38% in similar research last year.

Finally, I'd like to pass on my thanks to Google for giving so generously to charity and hope that they will show similar commitment to charity in the future.

For more information visit:

Merry Christmas!:

First and foremost, I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Please enjoy the next few days but most of all stay safe. The video is probably the coolest Christmas light related video I've ever seen! Christmas Light Hero is a real game you play with a wii wireless guitar controller. Optional TV screen is available if you get in trouble, but if you use the screen, you don't get your name in the high score list. Song is "Cliffs of Dover" by the incredible Eric Johnson.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Peter the Polar Bear Cake:

Peter the Polar Bear Cake - by Jenna.

This is the amazing cake that my girlfriend made for Christmas in honour of Peter the Polar Bear I thought I'd share because it's so cool! If you don't know who Peter the Polar Bear is then see:

Clarkson and May filming Top Gear at MIMA in Middlesbrough:

Clarkson and  May filming Top Gear at MIMA in Middlesbrough

As the brilliant episode of Top Gear (S:14 E:5) has just been aired on BBC 2, where Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond visited my local art gallery MIMA (, I thought I’d share this photo I took of Clarkson and May whilst queuing to enter the event. It has also given me a great opportunity to test out the Flickr to Blogger integration. Hopefully, all being well, I’ll share more of my Flickr photos this way in the future.

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