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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Guide to Fixing KoToR for Windows 7:

I recently decided to download KoToR via Steam to ready myself for the upcoming release of SWTOR.

Unfortunately, KoToR is 8 years old now so naturally I had a bit of trouble getting the setup right. This isn't KoToR's fault, afterall it was and still is a fantastic game, it's simply down to software moving forward and older stuff getting left behind.

That being said, I still managed to get everything working with a bit of tweaking.

My Setup:
Windows 7 64-bit
8GB Ram
ATI RADEON 5770 1024M graphics card

1) First, if you're playing KoToR via Steam, disable 'Steam Community In-Game' for KoToR. Head to your Steam Library, right click KoToR, select Properties and UNTICK 'Enable Steam Community In-Game'

2) In Windows Explorer, navigate to the root directory of the KoToR program files and run swconfig.exe. After the applet loads, UNTICK 'Use Hardware Mouse' and TICK 'Disable Movies' (this just disables the intro movies, to my knowledge).

3) Run the game - hopefully it'll start ok but if not I've heard that enabling windowed mode, in conjunction with the two steps above, has fixed KoToR for some people. To enable windowed mode, navigate to the root directory of the KoToR program files and edit swkotor.ini (i.e. right click swkotor.ini and select edit). Scroll down to 'Graphics Options' and set 'FullScreen=0' and save (i.e. click File and Save).

Happy gaming!


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